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Arrays in data structures

Array in Data Structure: From Zero to Hero

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First thing first – Array is a type of data structure. Now, your question would be, what type?… Right? Answer: Array is a type of Linear and Static data structure.
If you are wondering, what is linear and static means here. Then, here you go! […]

Update an element in an Array

Update an element in an Array: Program and Algorithm

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In this article, you’ll learn how to update an element in a specific position of an array in C/C++, along with that you’ll also see the algorithm to update an element in an array.
So, Let’s get started! […]

Traverse Operation in Array

Traverse Operation in Array: Program, Algorithm and Flowchart

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Traversal operation in array or simply traversing an array means, Accessing or printing each element of an array exactly once so that the data item (values) of the array can be checked or used as part of some other operation or process (This accessing and processing is sometimes called “visiting” the array).