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Python Tutorial for Beginners

Take Input in Python

How to Take Input in Python [A Definitive Guide]

When it comes to real world projects, Taking input from the user is a neccessary task for a program.
Because, It is the user who interacts with the projects and gets desired result associated with their input values. […]

Indentation in Python

Indentation in Python (With Examples)

Have you ever wondered why all the statements in Python code often do not have the same vertical alignment?
It’s only because of indentation in Python. You can observe it through the following code […]

Data types in python

Data Types in Python Made Simple [+ Examples]

This is the most complete guide to data types in python.
In this in-depth guide, you’ll learn:
1. What are data types in python?
2. Classification (Types) of data types in python.
3. Why do we need data types? […]