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What Is Computer Programming? (for absolute beginners)

What is computer programming?

Listen. If you never learned to program before, It might be the biggest question probably on your mind which is ,What even is computer programming?

But, You’ve possibly heard the phrase “Programming”.

True, right?

After a long and deep research, I wanted to put together a complete introduction to what computer programming is for beginners.

Yes, I’ll cover mostly all the important topics.

But you’re also going to learn some more useful terms.

So whether you’re a total beginners or an expert, I hope you get a lot of value from this post.

Let’s Dive Right in :

  • 1. What is computer programming?
  • 2. What is computer programming used for?
  • 3. programming languages

1. What is computer programming?

Well, The Dictionary defines it as the process of preparing an instructional program for a device.

But, that’s a really confusing definition. so, in language terms- What exactly does that mean.

Essentially, Computer programming is the process or skill of writing and constructing a sequence of instructions [commonly known as computer program(code)],that tell a computer how to perform a computation/task without making mistakes.

The computation might be something mathematical, such as solving a system of equations or finding the roots of a polynomial, but it can also be a symbolic computation, such as searching and replacing text in a document or something graphical, like processing an image or playing a video.

But, What is a program?

A program is a sequence of instructions that specifies how to perform a computation/task.

Programming involves several tasks similar to any problem-solving tasks such as :

  1. Defining the problem
  2. Analyzing the problem
  3. Planning the solution
  4. Generating algorithm
  5. Implementation of algorithm in a chosen programming languages(commonly known as coding)
  6. Testing the program such as checking the accuracy and resource consumption of algorithms
  7. Documenting the program

Programming can be done using a wide range of computer “programming languages”. such as c, c++, Python, Java, Javascript, Swift, Go and many more.

Most importantly, The end goal of a program is to create something useful : That could be anything such as : A simple calculator or a Complex software to handle a robot.

The definition above is my attempt – at explaining exactly what “Computer programming” is, as simply as possible.

2. What is Computer programming used for?

Broadly speaking, programming is used for communicating with computers, It is the way humans communicate with machines/computers.

People use programming(coding) to give computers and other machines instructions on what tasks/actions to perform.

The purpose of computer programming is to find a sequence of instructions that will automate the performance of a computation/task on a computer.

In addition, We use coding to program the websites, mobile apps, games, robots and other technologies we interact with every day.

Computer can do things humans can’t do. Huge calculations can be done with correct precision and speed, allowing them to be done in situations humans never could perform them.

It’s used to enable computers to solve problems that is to manipulate the data/information.

A Computer with no program is just like a human with no head.

3.Programming Languages :

computer programming languages. Different types of programming languages.

As we all know that a language is a structured system of communication.

Language, In a broader sense, is a method to express views or feelings with others.

similarly, programming languages are the languages through which we can communicate with the computers , But in a different way.

Programming languages differ from natural languages in that natural languages are only used to communicate with people, while programming languages also allow us to communicate with computers.

In other Words :

A Computer programming language is a language used to write computer programs, Which involves a computer performing some kind of computation or algorithm and possibly control Hardware or external devices such as : Robots, Disk drives, Printers, and so on….

Programming languages fall both within the band of low-level languages, such as assembly, and high level languages, such as Python, Javascript and many more,..

All languages express the same idea, but in different ways to another person. For Example :

English : “Hello”

Hindi : “Namaskar”

Arabic : “Assalamualikum”

Likewise, The following will print out “Hello World” in three different programming languages :

Python : print(“Hello World”)

C : printf(“Hello World”);

Javascript : alert(“Hello World”);

Each Programming language has its own syntax.

Syntax : set of rules that defines the combinations of symbols that are considered to be correctly structured statement or expressions in that language.

Did I Miss Anything?

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